Danni Sigen (birth name Danni Sigen Olsen) was born and raised in the northern part of Europe (Denmark), in a loving family with his mom, dad and sister. He is part of a huge family full of loving, caring people – including two pairs of grandparents.
Just before his 18th birthday he took his father’s middle name and used his mother’s middle name as a last name- this way turning into Danni Arndt Sigen.

Early in his teens he realised that he was a “small town dude with a big city attitude” – aspiring to go further and be better.

Graduated at the Hairdressing Academy in Copenhagen 2009


In the beginning of 2010 he took the plunge as an independent hairdresser and hair session stylist. Only a year later, he started the brand ARNDT-NORTH-EUROPE and launched his first product DUST (Styling powder & dry shampoo). ARNDT-NORTH-EUROPE is manufactured from the best ingredients in nature – including minerals and salt from around the world. Furthermore no unnecessary chemicals, additives and parabens can be found in a product developed and produced by ARNDT-NORTH-EUROPE. “I have created the brand ARNDT-NORTH-EUROPE and developed the _MG_2187_webproduct DUST because I realised that the industry was missing some professional, ECO-friendly products”

After this his career took flight. Danni Sigen has worked with some of the greatest Danish designers, musicians and actors. His work has been showed in several Danish television shows, all over the gossip press. Danish and international beauty and fashion magazines have also showed him and his work. All this because of his extra ordinary abilities to be a first-mover.

He has also several times educated people in the wonderful world of simple styling art in magazines and talk shows.

178045_10151002889903216_855634393_oDanni Sigen

”Once Danni, always Danni” – Quote: Christina Hedegaard , leading senior producer, talk show hostess, coach, speaker & author.

And that is definitely a precious quote – that says it all.

Danni Sigen

2013 – Celebrity hair stylist Danni Sigen.

PHOTOS; Models; Jackie Navarro & Karina Sigen, Photographer; Rikke Hass Christensen, Hair Stylist; Danni Sigen, Makeup Artist; Tine Alexandra, Clothes; Fredsøe


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